When Spartans Meet Madonna…


Il vidding è una tipologia di fan art/fiction che consiste nella pratica di creare videoclip musicali utilizzando immagini provenienti da film e show televisivi di particolare richiamo per i fan.

300_vogue è un vid di Luminosity, vidder particolarmente attivo nella comunità dei vidder.
Di seguito un’estratto dell’intervista di Luminosity rilasciata al New York Magazine

Women done more vidding than men historically.
Yes! Everyone’s always surprised when I tell them this, but most vidders are women; then again, film editing was historically a female job. There are maybe five men who attend the primary annual vidding convention.

TV and film are still dominated by male creators behind the camera. Is this part of what you’re reacting to?
Vidding is one of the central parts of media fandom, the creative responses of initially mostly female fans to TV shows and films. So, yes, at its very core, our entire history is tied into talking back to male creators, teasing out for ourselves and telling the stories we don’t get otherwise. But when all said and done, the gender of the creator(s) isn’t that important to me. What’s important is how I change it.

I don’t know much about you, in part because you don’t use your real name.
I’ve been “Luminosity” since Fidonet and Echonet back in the eighties, and pseudonyms are very common on the Internet; but yes, there is some concern about copyright issues. But when I make a Buffy vid, no one is going to mistake me for Joss Whedon. If anything, vids provide free advertising. I wish the industry would join us in the 21st century. As we speak, a group of fans are putting together a new nonprofit, the Organization for Transformative Works, which will be working to help protect the fair-use rights of fan creators to make vids and fanfic.



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